Happy Holidays!


It all STARTED in the 1950’S…

Havana society raised its rum drinks at grand social clubs, and there were no bigger clubs than the Big Five: The Vedado Tennis Club, the Miramar Yacht Club, the Biltmore Yacht & Country Club, the Havana Yacht Club, and the Casino Español. Big Five Rum celebrates the breezy, cosmopolitan leisure of those clubs and the Cuban spirit that flowed through them.

Like old Havana’s social clubs, being a member puts you in good company. This club is a state of mind. It’s the spirit of old Havana, where island relaxation meets the decadent excitement of the cabaret. Where mojitos, cuba libres and daiquiris are a way of life. And where you’ll find reason to celebrate, no matter what the occasion.

Big 5 Rum is founded by two 1st generation Cuban Americans. (One of our founder’s parents met at the Miramar Yacht Club)! Both founders are veterans in the wine & spirits industry and childhood friends who grew up in Miami, FL. Big 5 Rum was born out of a desire to give back to their Cuban heritage.


Please drink responsibly.